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Collision Center Manager. Florida. Statement 10025.

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I am a chronic pain sufferer. I just had something happen to me today that made me very angry. I went for my appt at 10 am this morning and after I got my prescriptions that I receive every 3 weeks of 15 mg roxicodone qty 85 and 5 mg roxicet 90 qty. I took the prescriptions to a chain store pharmacy and went to the drop off window with my drivers license and my insurance prescription card and prescriptions and gave them to the woman at the counter who then got the pharmacist to look at them. He then came over to me and said that “he doesn?t fill prescriptions for those doctors over there at that pain clinic and that he would not discuss his reasons for it”. I was speechless as I had not even said one word to him all I did was to hand the prescriptions to the woman. I thought he was very rude to do this to me. I only went there because I saw on my prescription card that they were a network pharmacy for my insurance and they were in the same plaza. Also the doctors I see at the pain clinic are very reputable and it is not a pill mill and they have very strict guidelines for their patients. So I went to the pharmacy that I normally go to and had them filled. I am still fuming can they do this to people. Is this against the law for him to refuse to refill a legitimate prescription?