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Safety and Environmental Analyst. Texas. Statement 10174.

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State:: Texas

Occupation:: Safety and Environmental Analyst

I am 37 years old and suffer from severe chrohn’s disease. In 2003, I underwent a laparoscopic loop diverting colostomy. I now have a medical necessity for ostomy supplies. My current insurance company will not cover the cost of these supplies because they say they are “disposable.” Of course they are disposable! The cost of these supplies per year is over $1000. I have used my flexible spending account to cover some of the cost, but today I had to fight them to approve an $84 expense for one box of colostomy bags. They required that I submit a letter from my doctor stating that these supplies are medically necessary. Why on earth would anyone purchase ostomy supplies if they weren’t medically necessary? Unfortunately these are supplies I can’t live without and I struggle to pay for them. I have filed an appeal with my insurance company, United Healthcare, but they still will not cover my supplies. I am not sure where to go next.