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Horse Trainer. Idaho. Statement 10170.

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State:: Idaho

Occupation:: disabled horse trainer

If you are receiving Medicaid paid home health care in Boundary County Idaho your rights to dignity, privacy of your health information and your right to remain in your own home are not rights anymore. You have to plead and beg to get agencies to send out caregivers and then the caregiver can be pulled on a day’s notice with no plan in place to get a new one to your home. Meanwhile all other area agencies are alerted that you are the problem. The feces and urine that they have left you lying in are attributed to your pets and they can’t send in their caregivers safely.They can make allegations that will keep you from receiving any care from anybody for a month or more and they do not have to substantiate their allegations to MEDICAID or anyone else. Elder abuse is not even in the white or yellow pages. It is easier to stop animal abuse than it is to stop homecare agencies from slandering, libeling and neglecting old folks up here. I had an agency claim falsely that I am dumping raw sewage under my mobile home. This is not only a lie, but it isn’t even mentioned in their letter denying me services so I can’t sue them for libel. They told my case manager this was the problem. They told me my home was full of animal feces and urine, also untrue.