A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

Customer Service Supervisor. California. Statement 10168.

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State:: California

Occupation:: Customer Service Supervisor

I currently have private health insurance with a health care company who I have been employed by for 10+ yrs. After two years of appeals and negotiations my insurance finally agreed to approve a neck fusion. Not only did they take so long to make a decision they also denied claims submitted by my specialist for authorized services ( I appealed this as well). I have been in a great deal of pain and also have had numbness and tingling just waiting for approval of my surgery. The surgery was finally approved during the holidays but unfortunately MD was not able to perform the surgery until the new year and they also mentioned to me since the insurance took so long I needed a new MRI (more money out of pocket). I also have a huge deductible that I pay out of pocket, that MD’s office said I would also have to pay this up front before the surgery. When I called to schedule the MRI and my surgery I was informed by my MD’s office that I have been in care with for 12+ years that they were no longer contracted with my employer/Insurance and I would need to find a new provider. This is devastating to me and so unfair! To think of all the time, effort and money I have spent to have to start all over. I pay for my insurance! Where are my rights!? Who cares about my health? Please help!