A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

Disabled. South Carolina. Statement 10070.

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I’m disabled for 10 years with multiple complex diseases and disorders. Most have been inherited and have no cure, others have gotten worse from added injuries, the aging process, I’m 56, while others have become worse by receiving inadequate relief for intractable pain. Most recently for the past 3 years, I have been denied access for pain relief of intractable pain, through every attempt to have my pain patient bill of rights honored by medical professionals in the management of pain. This is a quality of life issue, for an entire family in S.C. that has caused me to have ongoing health problems that profoundly impact, my total health and well-being making me a candidate for 2 or more surgeries. Foremost needed is an operation of the cervical spine @ C-3 through C-7.to prevent me from becoming paralyzed by a slip or fall.

I feel my life, even my mortality has been compromised by being denied “proper & effective” management for my pain. It has been my experience that disabled individuals are more like ponds in the care of doctors in S.C. Make no waves, take a minimum amount of doctors time asking questions, don’t second-guess your doctor, not even if you are an educated advocate, & the only true expert of your total health and well-being. Then maybe if you’re lucky, doctors will not think you are from the DEA or licensing department and just maybe, you will not be treated like a criminal or a patients seeking drugs to abuse. Could you please share what options a concerned, responsible disabled patient has to receive dignity and respect, coupled with “proper and effective” management of documented intractable pain. that is endured in silence, along with 50 million plus, other individuals. There are no balance in the pain policies and initiatives, that vary from state to state. Doctors should be able to treat pain our 5th life vital sign, aggressively, just like they would treat cancer or other life vital signs, though the undertreatment of pain, is more often the norm.