A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

Unable to Work. Ohio. Statement 10069.

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Can’t function no more as a productive citizen, don’t want to talk to no one anymore, tired of the pain but I refuse to give up. I must be recognized for my many years of pain while working and fear of federally employed Doctors who I know would protect their own jobs by neglecting the pleas of my request for relinquish of pain (without drugs) and the recognition of the cause of pain. The cause of pain is due to an injury of my spine while in the ARMY on DECEMBER 7,1981 while I was stationed in GERMANY. My pain has opened doors to my belief that I am JUST AN EXPERIMENT to see how far I can endure without retaliation. I can no longer function. Would love to work now, the military would not allow me to go to FLIGHT SCHOOL due to my injuries, and now V.A. has (MY COUNTRY) is disregarding any and all evidence of my call for medical and compensation due to my injuries. Veteran’s Day is not far away but not celebrated by me, I am ashamed to be a VETERAN to be treated as such, for VA has destroyed my family life and any hope of my fellow COMRADES coming home to be recognized for their SACRIFICES. My EVIDENCE against V.A. is ASTRONOMICALLY BEYOND BELIEF OF WHY THEY (V.A.)IS COMPELLED TO SUPPRESS COMPLAINTS OF THOSE IN NEED.