A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

Maintenance Professional. North Carolina. Statement 10065.

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A majority of politicians will not address the health crisis in America, let alone take decisive action to eliminate this American tragedy, mainly because of special interest groups that give something and in return get special consideration or favors. This something is what we call money, Politicians call this contributions. The old saying – Do not rock the boat-, applies in this situation. We as a nation must eliminate our elected officials who refuse to take action in this critical and human crisis. Research and contact your elected officials and get their opinions on this life and death crisis. Elected officials who refuse to take a stand on America’s future must be remembered on Election Day. Elect officials who have desire and morals to rid America of this phenomenon that is inflicting way to many people.

On a personal note, my wife and myself have no access because of pre-exiting conditions, which make insurance premiums unaffordable. As a result of our situation, my Russian born wife is presently in Russia receiving needed medical care which is not available to us in America. The uninsured try many different approaches to secure medical access, Many times with little or no success. My wife cannot comprehend this situation, simply because in Europe medical access is a right, not a privilege as it is in America. If this crisis is allowed to continue, we will be on the verge of insanity when we speak of health care reform in America. There is absolutely no excuse for such injustice in a country that prides it self on human right issues around the world.