A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

Housewife/Mother. Illinois. Statement 10153.

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State:: Illinois

Occupation:: Housewife/Mother

My daughter is in the hospital. Her doctors told me, just yesterday, that she will not be ready to come home before the middle or end of next week. However, the doctor representing our health insurance company has decided that my daughter is ineligible for coverage as of today; says she can get the care she needs at home. Now tell me, if the doctors that see her face to face every day say she needs to stay in the hospital, what gives the insurance doctor, who only sees the paperwork (and probably no longer sees patients at all) the right to say, “she needs to go home today?”

Wake up people!!! So many of you say that universal health care would be bad because someone else would be making your health care decisions for you. What would you call this? If you have insurance, some armchair doctor is deciding what you need or don’t need every day. They are making decisions on what will be paid for and what wont. It is not based on medical necessity or fairness of any kind. It is solely based on the health insurers bottom line.

Now back to our personal case. We have already exhausted all homecare options for our daughter. We have been battling this thing for over two years. Her personal doctor, her medical team, the doctor at a children’s hospital ER, a SASS worker,and the physician and team that are seeing her now all think she is in the best place for her at this time. Yet, they are all being over ridden by a doctor that has looked over her paper work, today.

I love my country. But because of nonsense like this, if I could figure out how to do it, I’d move to Canada.