A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

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I have had a pain in my lower right abdomen, above my hip bone, beneath my ribs around the area where my ascending colon is. I have had this for almost two years. About a month and half after giving birth to my daughter, with which I had a c-section. I have had a series of tests done by several different doctors and they have no answers for me and I just don’t know what else to do. The pain comes and goes (everyday) it has really started affecting my life. I have noooo appetite. I am always sooo tired just exhausted. Please help me.. I have had a colonoscopy, they said that was fine. I have had 2 catscans they came back normal. I have Had x-rays.. normal. I have had pap smears.. normal.. I have had internal and external ultrasounds.. they said they found a cyst on my spleen which was totally unrelated. I am a 22 year old female not overweight 5’2 115lbs.. I’m just so tired of hurting all the time.. however they wanted me to see an orthopedist because I fractured my pelvic bone several years ago and they thought that that might be related…also nothing helps the pain.. it still hurts when I lay down even when I am still, it hurts standing, I’ve tried tylenol, naproxen, vioxx oh and liquor nothing helps. can you?????

Editor’s Note: The woman who wrote this statement started the process of getting a diagnosis with her primary care physician. Through that physician she has been referred to a series of specialists. The specialists, as she notes in her statement, have run multiple tests. The specialists have not listened to her talk about the pain she’s having. Her primary care physician has asked a few questions, but doesn’t spend much time listening to her, nor does that physician pay attention to her ideas about what might be going on. It makes one wonder what has happened to listening as part of diagnosis in our health-care system. It also makes one wonder how much money the system spends on testing when 20 minutes of listening might yield much better results.