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Occupation:: AUTO MECHANIC

I am writing about the problem I have had with my husband’s insurance company (he is an auto mechanic in St. Louis, MO). We have a daughter who is 19 years old, goes to school as a full time student, has a part-time job at McDonalds, and is a single mother. I did not know that our insurance is considered to be a grandfathered plan until this week, which means that if a dependent has a job where health insurance is available they cannot be kept on the parent’s plan. Unfortunately, McDonalds does offer a limited benefit plan to all crew employees regardless of how many hours are worked. This plan is not even considered credible coverage. This does not matter to our insurance company. I called the Dept of Labor and was told that when all of this was voted on, nobody took into consideration these kinds of plans and a grandfathered plan does not have to follow all of the new guidelines right away. She can be added back on in 2014 but will have a pre-existing limit if something happens before then. We have two options, our daughter will either have to quit her job and look for another one that does not offer insurance to part-time employees or not have insurance through her father. She only works weekends and maybe gets 16 hours a week. The basic plan @ McDonalds costs approx $70 a month and it does not cover anything. It only covers $2,000 a year and is not even considered a credible plan (The state of Massachusetts does not even consider it a medical plan). I thought the new rule of dependents staying on the insurance until their 26 would be wonderful but it won’t help us. Her job at least pays for her gas and the daycare for her child (she receives assistance for childcare but has to pay a portion of it)and they work around her school schedule. I have priced individual coverage and it’s over $100/month with a very high deductible. Only a month’s notice was given to members and she has until the end of this month to find a new job. I don’t think anybody realizes that it is not easy to find one. I just want to know how can this happen. Now more younger adults, who are working their way through school, will have to quit their job or will not have coverage if they work anywhere that offers any type of medical insurance even if its a limited plan that is offered. HOW HAS THAT HELPED!!! Lawmakers need to realize that someday very soon insurance coverage will not be attached to jobs because it is very expensive for employers to offer in this economy. Now I have to make a decision to totally support my daughter and her child so she can be insured or let her walk around uninsured and hope nothing happens.