A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

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I had two stents put in my heart several months ago and got a severe lung infection in the hospital which has never gone away. I use several lung medications in a respirator. Recently I had severe palpitations and chest pain and contacted my HMO Primary. The chest palpitations were ongoing and very distressing.

She said I should consider a sleep apnea study for a sleep disorder!!!!! A few days later she called with a referral for a cardiac consult. Luckily I was still alive to take the call.

That was before Christmas and I still don’t have an appt (we are in the end of January).

Ill say no more as anyone can see the level of care here.

It is terrifying to be in an HMO where life threatening problems are ignored to this degree. Since had several severe heart attacks I can not buy insurance elsewhere so I am stuck with the HMO until I reach Medicare age. Hope I make it!