A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

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I went to an Urgent Care doctor in November. I have a $35.00 co-pay through my insurance. I have just received a bill in the mail for the balance of $68.85. This is crazy! #1 – the Doctor’s Assistant came into the room, told me that I needed to see a specialist & left the room in under one minute. #2 – they turned the bill in under Urgent Care instead of Doctor Visit, that is the explanation that I got for the difference from the insurance co. But the first time that I went to this Urgent Care, they asked if I wanted them to be my Primary Care Physician. When I tried to explain this to billing, they just kept saying it was turned in as Urgent Care. I have been having such a hard time trying to find affordable insurance and then to actually be able to afford getting sick. This great nation that I live in & health care is going by the wayside. Apparently, there is too much greed to leave healthcare up to private industry. I have always believed in smaller government & private industry, but I am learning that the necessities in life should not be left to the greedy private industries. We need help with medical expenses & President Obama saying that everyone must have health insurance is not going to do a thing to help. I have health insurance, the best that I can afford to have and yet I cannot afford to get sick. We need help, I am getting to be in an age group that cannot gamble with my health or health insurance.