A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

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I was laid off of my job in mid 2003. I had been lucky as I now realize because I have been continuously employed for many years and had been purchasing health insurance through my employers. I had noticed that co-pays were going up and they were adding deductibles to in network services on my PPO plan. But I had no idea of what was to come…

After being laid off I became very stressed and my blood sugar level went up and sent me to the emergency room. My insurance ran out one week after that emergency room visit and I had to apply for an individual health insurance policy. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC has continuous advertisements running on their great rates so I applied for coverage. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC accepted me with a MONTHLY premium of $1126.00 per month. I have a copy of the letter because I was so shocked that I saved it.

So here I am, unemployed and uninsured. With no income I can buy my health insurance for 13,512.00 per year. I made decent money last year so I don’t qualify for any low income assistance for medical visits. I have not had any follow up medical care after one doctor visit last year regarding my newly diagnosed Type II Diabetes because I cannot afford it. Luckily, I seem to be O.K. for the time being but I will not be able to go to the doctor until I can find another job.

Our health care system is very broken. So many people fall through the cracks and the politician ignore us. I know because I am one and cannot get any response from my congressional representatives. “For Profit” has to be removed from our health care system and our politicians need to be forced to confront this issue.