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Unemployed. North Carolina. Statement 10120.

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State:: North Carolina

Occupation:: Unemployed

I am recently unemployed after I had medical problems that prevented me from being able to do my job description anymore. I was first diagnosed with herniated disk in my neck that causes severe pain in arm and shoulder. While I was out I had a stroke in my left eye that took my vision, I have gained a little over half of it back thanks god. When I was employed I had insurance which led to about 28 different appointments within a 45 day span, since then I have not been able to even get into my doctors no insurance no money no appointments. I am 51 years old, no job, not eligible for medicaid, disability or any other sources so I have not been able to get treatment, I live in constant pain that at times have made me suicidal, and have no where to turn. Where is there help for someone like me that does not want to live off the system, I just want help to get medical treatment so that I can work again. I am tired of all the doors being shut in my face.