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State:: Illinois

Occupation:: Homecare Giver

I have an adult daughter with an acquired disability. In a small way I am compensated for the expense of caring for her in my home by the State of Illinois’ home caregiver program. The fund has been carefully scrutinized by the State and is being considered as a program to cut from the budget. The state has extended the home caregiver program for another 6 months at which time they may decide to end the program.

Because I chose to retire from my job and stay home to care for my daughter, I am forced to obtain a private medical insurance policy. This insurance premium is $820 per month. The premium has been going up twice a year for at least 5 years. My husband is retired and on social security. We have a limited income. This makes my insurance policy nearly impossible to pay. Should I have to choose between my health insurance and my daughter? A public health insurance option will make it possible for our daughter to stay in a loving home and a nurturing environment.

I also have a son who contracted Hepatitis B through no fault of his own. He is unable to acquire health insurance because of this condition, and doctors will not see him because he doesn’t have insurance. He is willing to self pay for services, but doctors who specialize in this field will not take a patient without insurance. My son would benefit from the public healthcare reform recommended by President Obama.

I hope healthcare reform will pass soon. We in this family need it.