A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

Pressman. Illinois. Statement 10102.

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State:: Illinois

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I recently saw a doctor due to a spell where I ‘Passed Out’, this was the first doctors visit in about three years. I received a standard check up, which was followed up by a blood test, EKG and urine lab. I should mention that I am 25 years old, 175 lbs and 6’0″… really I’m not a high risk patient for any ailment, my insurance deductible is $2500.00. My statement arrived and added up to $629.68, for one office visit. This is almost half of my entire income for one month, I never would have approved such expensive tests. I understand that the doctors want to get to the bottom of these ailments, but how can this patient, doctor hot potato seem reasonable. What will be required, price menus posted on the walls of the American clinics and hospitals? This irresponsible allocation of resources seems ill founded, and a desperate attempt to cover malpractice insurance irregardless to care for the patient. Aside from my problems, my mother and father pay almost $800.00 per month for health insurance which carries a $3500.00 deductible, with my mothers arthritis they nearly reach the $3500.00 deductible each year. This is roughly a $13000.00 annual health care cost, with no major surgeries or incidents, despite the fact that their combined income is only around $35,000 per year (They own a small struggling business). When will these expenses level out, when will the day come that health care becomes about the well being of the patient, and not the profits of massive corporations? I cannot answer this, but I know that I am not alone in this issue.