A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

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“How are people going to live with out health insurance!”
I am 15 my dad has to sit in pain 24 hours a day with out medicine.He has had 4 back surgery’s in the past year.They cut his insurance with out a warning or any time to ease him self off the medicine he has to take!Now he is stuck home in pain with no way to afford the medicine that he needs.I find it cruel to leave someone in pain that needs help.Whats a person to do sit in die because our country changes things that should not have been changed.You see people on the streets every day selling drugs!How come they can get them when other people that need them the most cant.There has got to be away to help the ones that has lost there health insurance and that need it like my dad. So please help my dad and other people before its too late i don’t want to lose him.