A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

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Affordable and easily acceptable health care products/ services will materialize the instant there appears a Walmart with a doctor’s office and hospital inside. Health care is nothing other than the selection, purchase and consumption of services and products. Both suffer from the same problem; lack of supply and price competition.
Aged 59 years, I have been dependent on insulin since childhood. I must obtain permission to purchase and consume insulin from a government to stay alive, thus, I no longer “identify” as a diabetic; but instead as an Oppressed Individual.
If there is a problem to be solved, that problem must first be identified and described.
Government plays a destructive role and service providers/ product manufacturers enjoy an undeserved advantage being the only members of our society who do not have to compete for their livelihoods. Add to this, a population who perpetuates Self-Limiting beliefs and you have the problem.