A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

Maintenance WKR. Texas. Statement 10132.

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State:: Texas

Occupation:: Maintenance WKR

I am to retire May 31 2016 due to health issues. I was offered Cobra Insurance for a unreasonable amount of money. I went to visit with government health care official and was told that since I was offered Cobra Insurance that I would be punished and would have to pay about $400 a month more than what the average person was paying who may not have been working. Well to say the least my son and I will not have insurance because taking 90 percent of my social security check would only cause other hardships. My son had a brain procedure done in 2005 and doesn’t receive any government money as I have always tried to help him. Doesn’t seem fair the government punishes people on health insurance for trying to do the right thing