A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

Retired. Colorado. Statement 10228.

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State:: Colorado

Occupation:: Retired

I’m 75 and recently lost my business. I am now on social security only. $1270 monthly. I had to move in with my family and went out of the area for United Health Care and was terminated.

My insurance now is Medicare only which they deduct $104/mo . I’ve tried to get an affordable supplemental policy but couldn’t afford the premium so I opted to stay with medicare only.

I recently had out patient surgery and was SHOCKED, FRUSTRATED and EMOTIONAL when they informed me at the time of registration that my co-pay was $3,600 and if I couldn’t pay in full my payment’s would be over $300/mo.

What is so ironic about this is that if I couldn’t afford a monthly premium for a supplemental insurance, how in the world could I afford this. I was going to cancel but they were telling me that the people for the procedure were arriving so I thought ” why not ” I won’t be paying for it anyway. They asked for my credit card to make my 1st payment and I lied and said, ” I didn’t bring it with me. ”¬†They asked that I send the information the next day. I didn’t. I didn’t even have that much in my account.

My dilemma is that I thought Medicare would pay more than they did. Why do I, we, have to pay extra for insurance when we’re already paying to medicare?