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State:: MO

Occupation:: Retired

Called Delta Dental of Mo to cancel-They said to call the MarketPlace@1-800-318-2596,so they could call Delta Dental of Mo to cancel the plan for me. The Marketplace said I COULD NOT CANCEL it without the COVENTRY HEALTH PLAN also being cancel.The Market place said I would have to wait for open enrollment to cancel Delta Dental of Mo. So Do I still have to pay $52.76 a month for INS I DON’T WANT,to be able to keep Health INS for me and my husband? We were never told we had to do Both! Dental INS was a OPTION we could do if we wanted,by itself ,through a separate stand-alone Dental Plan.I am paying for Dental as far as I know with no Government help on that part. Have called an filed Insurance Consumer Complaint. Called US REP- State REP-and MO Senate also going to file report with McCaskill. Thank you