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Care Giver. Pennsylvania. Statement 10225.

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I am self-employed and I had health care in 2014. Decided to wait until March of 2015 to re-enroll in a health care plan with my previous carrier. I contacted my insurance provider and enrolled for March 1st not knowing my insurance provider had a “90” day grace period. When I paid my first premium (which was considerably higher than last year), instead of it covering me for March, the payment went back to January, leaving me to think I had insurance for March. I discovered this when I went to pick up my medications and was told I was denied.After many calls and time consuming phone calls, I was told by the Market Place and my insurance company, that even though I thought I was uninsured, did not pay for the insurance premium, and did not attempt to use the insurance, I was still responsible for paying these months. So in order to be insured I would have to pay for February, March and April. I had to cancel my insurance completely so as not to have this snowball on me and will now, not only have to go without insurance, I will be liable for months of unpaid premiums and a fine to boot.