A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

Golf Course F & B Attendant. South Carolina. Statement 10222.

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State:: SC

Occupation:: Golf Course F & B attendant

Hi.I have health insurance for my family and I through my employer.However When we go to any doctor,dentist,pharmacy,etc. we still have to pay the full amount of everything.There is no co pay for anything anymore.Most medicine that I take is over 100.00 per month.I have chronic migraines and my medicine is over 400.00 per prescription.I can’t afford to pay for insurance monthly and still pay the doctors visits in full.We have not seen a dentist in the last 4 years because there is no way I could afford to pay for that…but I am paying for the insurance.I have to meet our deductibles before they pay any percentage of anything.I have worked for the same company for 17 years.We used to have wonderful insurance.I think it would better of if I saved my money every month and didn’t pay the insurance,but put it in an emergency fund for when we need it for medical expenses.Is there anything that is going to change about this anytime soon?When we were told last year about all the changes,they said it was because of the Obamacare,and that for everyone who works and has insurance it was just like going to get worse for us.Thank you.