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RN. Colorado. Statement 10219.

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State:: Colorado

Occupation:: Registered Nurse

I saw a neurosurgeon on Oct. 21, 2014, who comes to our small mountain town monthly,who confirmed that I needed a cervical fusion due to pressure on my spinal cord. My hands are numbish and tingling and my legs have clonus (shaking). He said he could prevent further damage but not guarantee that I would recover the feeling in my hands. I was given a Jan. 19 surgery date and was sent preop instructions. Today,Dec. 9th, his office called and said he does not take my Bronze Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan. They said they would work with my primary doctor to find me a new surgeon. Why did it take so long for them to find out? Now I am afraid I will lose more feeling in my hands before I can be fixed. What is wrong with my plan; he takes other BC/BS plans? Oh well, one less functional nurse (with 37 years experience) is no big deal, is it? I feel betrayed by the system I gave my life to.