A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

Electrical Engineering Technology. Vermont. Statement 10218.

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State:: Vermont

Occupation:: Electrical Engineering Technology

My employer’s current insurance, MVP, has specified which drugs (insulins for Type 1 diabetes) I can take. I’ve had a long history of issues with different insulins, mostly Hypoglycemia problems that have been undetectable with certain insulins. Because the Drug companies and Insurance companies want their money, what used to cost $25/month back in the early 1990’s has now been changed to specifically covered drugs (the most expensive ones according to my Doctors) with no alternatives (which my doctors, lawyer, and others have tried to take up with MVP to no avail). The expenditure for myself has now become over $300/month for prescription co-pays alone. The money is going to drug and insurance company profit. I cannot afford insurance for my family and my drugs. To afford my family’s care, for myself I’ve learned to re-cycle insulin syringes against medical advise, rejuvenate test strips against medical advise, been told by insurance that insulin gone bad cannot be replaced so I’ve been withheld by insurance from my insulins for over 4 weeks, and I’m not sure how I can reduce these costs anymore? Now it’s being forecast that my company’s medical insurance premiums are again to rise. I think I may consider leaving the United States as I no longer can afford to live here and the care of it’s citizens sucks. Being rewarded appropriately for one’s lifelong dedication in a career has long ago been bartered away by poor political decisions and the resultant economies. Now very poor business goals in regards to employee care investments and a poor healthcare system is killing the American worker. We need to do everything we can to make the Affordable Care Act become affordable. Healthcare should not be a business to invest in because it makes people rich. The doctors and actual healthcare workers should be compensated, not the insurance companies and not the drug companies. They should not be any part of an actual healthcare system as they are leaches in the way they currently operate.