A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

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State:: Florida

Occupation:: Nursing

Professional Employee who was Working in the Nursing Home Health Care Setting developed Repetitive Osteoporosis. Long Hours standing, no breaks after post surgery injury damaged knee joints. Years of Nursing Home work -Nursing Home refused to cover injury, stating you should report it within 30 days. Do not take ownership or Liability. Their Insurance and Companies refused to give authorization for test and treatment. Why aren’t policies in place to help solve medical issues of this sort for Nurses? Workman Compensation to cover over six months. Applied for the Health insurance and didn’t it until after 6 months. I was first offered low monthly installments with $1200 hundred deductible as told me i would have to pay if admitted to hospital. Primary MD must do referral to specialist. Very surprised when I Received surprised bills for Lab work and MRI’s so far totaling over $900.00 dollars worth. HMO- Received MRI my portion a Bill for $ 360.00. Lab Bill for $100.00 and $79.00. When I called the Market place and complained about insurance. Someone changed Insurance so that I now pay more per month and it increased my deductible to $1900.00. Can’t afford to see anymore doctors.