A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

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Healthcare.gov forced my younger son into medic side, took three months to call to activate, by that time he was 19 and no longer eligible.

During the time it took obamacare to call he had no insurance. To make matters worse instead of adding him to my policy when he became eligible, the untrained obamacare representative created separate policies for each member in our household and made other mistakes such as changing my son to my spouse. Even though the system allows corrections to be made due to administrative errors the call center insist on assigning a case worker which takes 30 days. If the case worker does not call you in 30 days all that happens is they assign a new case number and the process starts all over again. There is no process in place where problems can get solved. No reporting structure.

Obamacare is socialized medicine and we have lost control of our health care to an anonymous call center where thousands of government employees can access our personal data with ZERO accountability.
There are no penalties for errors made by the system and it’s employees, and citizens have no power or recourse.

The government has inserted itself between its citizens and their medical providers and erected the call center bureaucracy to disempower us and the healthcare providers. No one can fix anything unless the call center takes action, and they are at liberty to NOT take action since there is no penalty or internal management in place to ensure problems are fixed. There are only call center kids and fictional case workers.