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Disabled Veteran. Texas. Statement 10212.

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State:: Texas

Occupation:: None , disabled veteran

From San Antonio Texas–At the risk of retaliation from the Office of the Department of Retaliation and Intimidation I am submitting a part of my personal experience with this huge , tangled mess known as the VA. Due to a worsening of my disabilities ( I was at 50% ) I filed for an increase , that took two years and six months to get an answer and that was only because of the help of Senator John Cornyn. I did get 80% as a decision award.– One year , two months and fifteen days ago I found it necessary to file yet another claim due to worsening of my disabilities and the addition of related and aggravated conditions making me unemployable. The response from the VA for the past twelve months have been “At this time , your Regional Office is unable to provide an estimated completion date for this type of claim.” and it is in the “PREPARATION FOR DECISION” status. Nine months ago I was told by my primary care Doctor that I have type 2 diabetes–I have NOT to this date 05/08/2014 heard anthing from them ( VA) concerning the diabetes diagnosis (I did get a diagnosis of arthritis of the spine about two weeks ago due to a trip to Audie Murphy ER because of severe low back pain and have had no further information as of this date 05/08/2014 ) I made an appointment with a civilian Doctor because of my concern with the diabetes problem and on 05/ 01 /2014 the Civilian Doctor prescribed medication for my diabetes and by the way , the VA pharmacy refused to fill that prescription. That is all I am willing to speak of at this time concerning my less than stellar experiences with the “Bureaucracy of Health” aka the VA. One thing for sure , the next one of them that says “Thank you for your service” I’m gonna punch him right in the nose.