A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

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I signed up for Covered CA (Obama Care) because I couldn’t get or afford “regular” Ins with my pre-conditions. I also did it because, with my limited income (Social Security) and the fact I am a wee bit too young for Medicare and I didn’t want to be penalized by our government by not signing up. So it was FEAR that made me sign up. My doctor of many years was on the list of providers prior to Jan 1st when I signed up, however, last week, when I went in for an emergency visit, was shocked to find out, they aren’t taking any Covered CA plans!! There are very few Doctors and few facilities that are because of very low reimbursements from the Insurance Companies participating. We are a city and county of almost 600,000 people, many desperate for healthcare. We were promised that we would be accepted and helped. The Insurance Companies whom are getting federal subsidies of literally millions and also monthly premiums from the insured patients are making high profits and shorting the very Doctors and Hospitals who want to help us. Shame on the Insurance Companies!! Now President Obama…what are you going to do about this? Please advise.