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Disabled. Texas. Statement 10203.

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State:: TEXAS

Occupation:: DISABLED

I am writing about this health insurance issue that I have been having. I have lupus sle, ms, high blood pressure, reynauds among many other things. I have to go to a rheumatologist asap. My kidneys might be failing and I need more medications! The point of this is that I barely started collecting disability this past year and will not be eligible for medicare for 24 months after I was considered disabled! I have repeatedly applied for medicaid but make too much money for that even tho my children are on it. Healthcare.gov which is supposed to be the affordable health care is absolutely not affordable!! My premiums will be anywhere from $256- $315 a month!! The problem is that is what I was quoted months ago before this act went through but didn’t even get approved for it because of my pre-existing conditions! So even though this accepts all pre-existing….I just can not afford those premiums!!! I only make 908 a month on disability. I have other bills that will not let me have that amount for health insurance!! No one wants to help me in getting health care and I am deteriorating!! My lupus has advanced severely. I have 4 kids and need to be here for them!! I need AFFORDABLE healthcare!! I surely thought that the timeline or waiting period for the medicare would change with this new law!!! Please help or give me any suggestions that I can do!!! Or any programs that would help me pay for the premiums!! BTW, I am only 36 years old. I am in desperate need!!! 🙁