A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

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Through 2005-2006 I went to two doctors through my health plan complaining about pain, numbness in my hands, arms asking for an MRI to be done on my neck. Every time that I asked and explained the condition requesting an MRI I was denied service in this area. Even attempting to change doctors while within my network I could not get me the proper care as a decision had already been made and put into my records that the pain, numbness was arthritis. I could not get the issue readdressed by any doctor through my provider.

I had a prescription from a doctor outside of my network from late 2005 requesting that I have an MRI. That request was also denied and the prescription was kind of tossed back to me while the doctor chuckled that he had already made a diagnosis and that my continued requests were a joke to him. Did I mention that changing doctors within my network still didn’t get me any help.

I started having issues walking and in 2012 I was sent to a Neurologist who did an MRI. I was told that the cervical spinal cord was pinched in 3 places in my neck, that if I fell or was in an accident I would become a quadriplegic and I had to have surgery done as soon as possible.

The refusal of services in 2005 almost cost me my life and the lack of care on the part of the doctors has complicated my medical issues since 2005, issues that will continue to last for the rest of my life.

When I needed a proper diagnosis of my medical condition, my medical provider failed me time after time. I blame myself for trusting them as I have continually heard of problems that others had with the same provider but you never really understand until it happens to you.

I will be disabled for the rest of my life as a result of the care that was denied me. Even with the American Disabilities Act I doubt that anyone will be willing to hire someone who can only walk a few feet at a time, who’s arms, hands don’t work all the time, who can’t hold their head up for any length of time without a brace.

I can only pray I find medical service that will provide me with a doctor that can attempt to do what my health insurance company would not try and remove the bulging disks without damaging the spinal cord before it is too late.