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Breast feeding is one of the most talked topics in the world and not only by parents but in healthy care professions.Breast feeding is by far the best way to provide a better health for infants. One because of all the benefits that it can provide. Bottle feeding is another options but it is proven that it is not the best way to provide nutrients. There has been many research done to prove that breast feeding is better than bottle feeding. Even the lactation group at Children’s Hospital in Colorado has proven that it is by far the best way to provide a better health. By showing that how many infants now a days are being breast fed we can show that it is becoming a better way to provide the best nutrients for the babies first year. Even though breast feeding is known as the best way to provide good health for a baby there are still people that rather do bottle feeding. Doctors just provide the best options but it is really up to the parent to decide what is best for their children.