A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

Correction Officer. Texas. Statement 10159.

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State:: Texas

Occupation:: Correction Officer

It is quite disheartening that a country like U.S.A., could not provide universal healthcare for her citizens. A country that is acclaimed to be the richest country in the whole universe – rich in human and natural resources- with some individuals richer than some poor countries, yet its citizens are dying for lack of healthcare. A country that spends billions of dollars in aid to other poorer countries, yet its citizens cannot boast of an affordable healthcare – something that is very common in other developed nations. Countries like Canada, Germany, U.K. and even Cuba, have their healthcare problems solved long time ago, but America, which supposed to set the pace, is yet to convince members of the Congress and the selfish health insurance companies that healthcare is a right not a privilege for every American citizen. If only America could stop sending money to countries that train terrorists who in turn attack the U.S., such money could be invested in declaring universal healthcare for all Americans. Charity begins at home. Let’s take care of our own citizens who are beggars and homeless without health insurance before going to abroad to spend billions in aid and on useless wars!