A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

Medical Office. Washington. Statement 10118.

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There is no website that really mentions the real cause of the healthcare nightmare. In January 2010, 1 farmworker clinic received 10 Million dollars to build a Taj Mahal for illegals! Unbelievable. At first it was to be built in 2009, but since so much controversy was happening, they held off until now. At the site of this new building Farmworker personnel told the contractors not to worry if a issue was not “spelled out” in bid specs, because the Federal Gov’t will pay for it. The funding it shall receive in 2010 is 11 million. Remember this is one clinic. Also, reimbursement for Farmworker clinics vs. Private practice is Farmworkers receives at least 3x the amount from taxpayers.. Now the new reform, per Obama, plans to increase the poor underserved clinics by 7x the current funding. How is an illegal person more important than our American elderly? I am utterly confused. Also, Interpreters are paid 100.00+ dollars per hour. Usually they are there 15 min. and receive the full 100.00. For no show patients they receive 80.00, and the Physician will be fined 5,000.00 dollars if they try to collect any money for this!! All physicians should be reimbursed the same. All federal funding should be divided fairly, not because you are a Federally Qualified Clinic. Americans, research facts, pull the scales off your eyes. Socialism and Communism are already here, almost 100% government.