A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

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Recently at my small community hospital which has recently filed bankruptcy due to lack of funds and patients, we received a diabetic patient on re-admission with the same problem she was admitted for 1.5 months prior. When asked why she did not follow up she said she could not afford the $90.00 office visit or the medications she needed. That she and her husband fell in between the parameters for qualifying for medical assistance. Both she and the husband work but can not afford to live let alone pay for supplies to help this diabetic patient. Yet, when I go to a grocery store or the local Walmart I see many people dressed well, carrying coach bags, nails manicured, getting into Cadillacs and Lexus’ after they just whipped out their medical assistance to cards to pay for their 3 carts of merchandised. Maybe the welfare system could use some revamping as well.