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Home Health Aide. Texas. Statement 10136.

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State:: TX

Occupation:: Home Health Aide

im very angry at the company i work for.we have two clients in one house.i work and take care of the clients. there for awhile the providers wouldnt stay. i would take care of both clients.you have one in hospice and the the other has a handicap.when both clients are there i go out of my way for both.when i make lunch for one i make for both..it seems the afternoon providers have a problem with helping. when you fix a plate for one. out of courtesy you can make the other. the provider acts like its a crime to help the other one.or maybe to put ice and water in a cup for the other one. now theyve taken from me 2 and half hours because they say the other provider cant do that unless they get paid. this is not fair and any way.i shouldnt have my hours taken from me. when the other providers quit im there i work hard from morning to nite. what gives this company the right to take my hours when ive been there for 5 moths. ive not seen in our policy where they have the right to do that. your taking away from my family.