A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

Counselor. South Carolina. Statement 10035.

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I have worked in the counseling profession for many years and keep coming across the same problem. This is simply a person with no insurance and little or no money in need of a surgery however he or she must go without. I know of a man who simply needed hip replacement surgery which would enable him to return to work, however due to budget cuts and limited government and private charitable organizational resources there was no money available to help with the surgeon’s fees. Even a local politician’s office would not pull any strings to help this man. He eventually ended up taking out a loan in order to get the surgery.

Another man is in need of a hernia repair but again no money is available to help this man with the surgery which would then enable him to get a job & become a productive member of society.

A lady could not get medicaid or medicare because her husband’s disability check was a few dollars too high for her to qualify for medicaid. She had numerous medical problems which she couldn’t go to see the doctor for but she didn’t qualify for disability. She only received medicaid after her husband died of a heart attack.

It seems there is a definite gap in the medicaid and insurance system. There is a large segment of society who can’t work because of a significant yet treatable medical condition but with all the budget cuts the agencies and governmental programs that helped these people get the medical treatment they need, no longer has the funds to enable them to get the medical care they need and they can’t afford medical insurance (nor would any insurance company cover their medical condition for the first 1-2 years). This is not just limited to SC but is a problem in other states as well.

This problem really needs to be addressed. Simply a short term medicaid policy which would cover the one medical condition which is preventing the person from obtaining or retaining competitive employment would actually be a wise program because it would enable workers to return to the workforce. This program could simply cover 2 or 3 medical doctor’s evaluations to determine the treatment needed and then proceed to cover the treatment to enable the person to return to good health so he or she can go to work and then they would be paying back into the “system”.

Anyone who is good at “winning friends and influencing people” is more than welcome to take this idea and bring it into fruition. I know I sure am not good at impressing people and being “politically correct”. I’ve got to fight my own battles but do see this problem as a significant gap in the healthcare system.