A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

Physician. Texas. Statement 10006.

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In my area there are no HMOs, just PPOs.

I’ve found many patients will switch to a doctor in the network rather than going to a doctor they had seen before and either their insurance was changed or the doctor dropped out. I’ve found patients will even switch doctors for the same reason for post-op care outside of the global period (that is the period of time, often 90 days, for which follow-up office visits are included in the surgical fee) rather than pay more to see the surgeon who operated on them. There are exceptions, but in my experience in my area, these are exceptions rather the the rule. Each area of the country may be different.

What has happened somewhat, and doctors are equally to blame, is that the insurance companies have somewhat succeeded in some cases to make the patients think all doctors are the same and interchangeable – doctors are now called providers along with all the other providers. A common reason a new patient comes to me is that my name is in their provider list. In the past it was because someone recommended me or they heard good things about me – the ones who thought the opposite of me, did not come. I’ve had patients who were unhappy with me who wanted to come back to me because I was now in their network.