A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

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I came across this web-site while looking into resources for people to prevent or resolve health care problems. I have worked in a variety of healthcare services (home health, hospice, correctional institutions, and hospitals) since 1973. I have also personally experienced healthcare services with my parents and other family members. These experienced gave me a totally new insight to what the patients and families have to deal with physically and emotionally. I believe that the majority of healthcare professionals really care about their patients and families but the system has really gotten bogged down with regulations and paperwork. The majority of lay people inherently trust healthcare professionals, which is OK but people need to take responsibility for their or their families care. Research diagnosis, symptoms, medications, etc. Work with your healthcare team. It is not insulting; nurses and physicians are human and generally appreciate your involvement. Billing is very complicated, read the explanation of benefits and your statements before making payments. Make sure there are no mistakes. It is my hope that a forwarded minded individual or business would start an organization or business that is objective (not part of the insurance or payor nor healthcare team providing care) to assist the general public as a liason or consultant with these areas. I would certainly be interested in working for this type of organization, giving hope to resolving healthcare problems.