A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

Medical Biller. Texas. Statement 10092.

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Elderly and disabled patients claim to be unknowingly switched to Medicare replacement plans. They present their Medicare card and we bill Medicare, only to have payment denied. Then we have to track down the correct replacement plan, often times requiring research from a family member or myself. If it turns out to be an HMO or an insurance company not under contract, the patient ends up being responsible. Many are on a fixed income. Medicare patients generally require frequent visits. Balances can become very large before a problem is discovered. It is extremely time-consuming from an administrative side, and the provider may never see payment. The patient becomes very upset upon receiving a statement,and this creates unnecessary stress on them. (I’ve had patients actually cry.) Not only do they feel they have been taken advantage of by these insurance companies, they are forced to switch doctors after having established a relationship, some for many years. There are more and more companies (some unheard of) now in on this. Medicaid is now doing the same. Because Medicaid is for low income, the provider is likely to never receive payment if the claim is denied. We are going in the wrong direction for healthcare. It is becoming so difficult for providers to be paid. Why is our government allowing this free for all at the expense of providers and the elderly/disabled/and low income patients. Providers are spending more time and money on administration when they need to focus on patient care. Not only is little being done about the healthcare system, it seems to be rapidly going in the wrong direction.