A Collection of Problems with the US Health Care System

Health Career Agent. Missouri. Statement 10087.

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Health care professionals genuinely want to care for people. That is why they chose their health career in the first place. The bureaucracy and lunacy of our current health insurance system though is driving practitioners away from their health career and dutifully caring for others and rewarding only those who can put up with the aggravation that is central to a career in health care today.

I work with health care professionals helping them manage their career as their agent, or their health career agent, and I can tell you a shift has occurred. Good health care workers, frustrated with their career, are leaving the field and moving on. Those who remain are able to flourish because they are able to function in the current environment. Meaning, the pure play health care professional ala Florence Nightingale is gone and replaced by a vocation oriented individual.

For many of the health care professionals who stay, it is all about the money. Not that they are jumping up and down and set for life, far from it. More like they are frustrated and stuck in their career in health care, like postal workers who can’t afford to leave because of their paid in retirement.

As an agent for health care professionals, it is seldom about the money today, it is about happiness. What health care workers want is appreciation and the ability to help others. Our current insurance system isn’t allowing it and it is driving the best practitioners away.